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27 November 2013 - Universidade Aberta

Pre-SCOP Meetings & Registration (16:00 - 18:30)
Address: Rua da Escola Politécnica, 147, 1269-001 Lisboa (See map)

Palácio Ceia

The Ceia Palace, headquarters of Universidade Aberta, is an excellent example of Pombaline domestic architecture, standing at the central point of a considerable urban development, which linked the riverside to one of the outer limits of 18th century Lisbon: Largo do Rato. Built about 1760 by a member of a wealthy bourgeois family, it was later acquired by a rich merchant from Rio de Janeiro, the father-in-law of the Count of Ceia. After being property of another Lisbon family, it was acquired by the Portuguese Institute of Distance Education, the founder of Universidade Aberta.
In the interior there are many painted tiles (azulejos) decorating the walls. Attributed to the Fábrica do Rato, one of the finest workshops in the city, the tiles represent everyday 18th century scenes: fishing, gaming, taking a stroll, courtliness, the toilette or gambling.


28 - 30 November 2013 - Museu das Comunicações

Address: Rua do Instituto Industrial, 16, 1200-225 Lisboa (See map)

Museu das Comunicações

Museu das Comunicações - the Portuguese Museum of Communications is the most visible face of the Portuguese Foundation of Communications (Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações) created in 1997. The Museum contributes actively to the Foundation's primary purpose, that is, to promote the study, preservation and dissemination of the historical, scientific and technological heritage of communications. The Museum introduces itself as a living science and technology workshop in which kids and grown-ups are able to discover how much fun communicating can be! Its Educational Department is focused on the general public and schools, and accordingly it runs pedagogical programs, themed visits and entertainment that are real guided journeys through the history of communications in an interactive and funny format. The Foundation is located nearby (Street D. Luís I) in an area close to the river with strong historical links to the sea and industry. It is housed in a building constructed in the 1940s which was once the old H. Vaultier factory.

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